Firefighters working otop burning building

• On-Campus Course - FALL 2019

• Class begins on WED, AUG 28TH

• This course will require your attendance on campus on Wednesdays throughout the semester from 6:30-9:35 PM.

• You will have Required Homework assignments that will primarily utilize your textbook, as well as utilize our course's online website on Canvas for submitting course assignments and weekly quizzes.

• Be sure to have your Required TEXT purchased before class begins!

The required Textbook for FT-4 is "Building Construction for the Fire Service", Fifth Ed., 2015, and is available for purchase at the College Bookstore.


• FT-4 Course Outline FALL 2019 - HERE



Norcliff W. Wiley
FT-4 Instructor
Cabrillo College



Worker sitting high atop skyscraper framing



Is the ability to do what has to be done, when it has to be done, whether you want to do it or not.


How to Begin:

1. You will have to REGISTER for the class. See the college FALL 2019 Course Catalog for instructions.

2. You MUST have Microsoft Word software or a compatable word processing program that can both read and format .doc, docx, or .rtf documents. You will also need to have a current version of Adobe Acrabat Reader (Freeware) .

3. Your internet connect should be at minimum DSL. Those that have attempted this course on Dial-up speeds became fairly frustrated quite quickly at both download and upload times.

4. BE PREPARED to spend a good percentage of your time within the online classoom and studying throughout the course. This course is built around reading and understanding what is presented to you within the textbook.  It is not designed to be a hard course, but it will require a commitment to your required reading assignments and upon reflection with regard to what you understand from them.

5. You will have to LOGIN to CANVAS. Canvas is a web-based course management tool accessed through the Internet. You do not have to download Canvas. The program is password protected, which means that you must Login. Access is available only to students who are officially enrolled through the Admissions and Records Office


Steps to Starting a Successful Semester Online:

Step 1:             Access to your course
Always access your course from the Canvas Login Home Page at:

Step 2:             Bookmark the Canvas Login Home Page
Bookmark the Canvas  Login Home Page, or add this page to your favorites.

Step 3:            New to Canvas?  Access the New Canvas User Interface Overview
Watch the video at, "New to Canvas User Overview" on Vimeo.

Step 4:             Purchase your textbooks and other course materials
Purchase the required textbook for the online class you have enrolled in.  Visit your campus bookstore or visit the college web site. The campus bookstore is available online! (Link Above)

Step 5:            Use your Webadvisor Username and Password
Use your Webadvisor Username and Password to access the Cabrillo College Canvas Dashboard, which is where you will find the FT-2 Fire Prevention Technology online classroom.

Step 6:           Login to the current term
The Canvas Login may also be found on the navigation bar on the top left-hand corner of the Cabrillo College Distance Education Home Page.  You will find some very useful information and student support links on this page as well.